Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Small Business Week- Customer Loyalty

At the Constant Contact event, Small Business Week on May 23rd, the final speaker we were able to listen to was Carol Roth who spoke of Customer Loyalty. 

Here are our notes:

  • social media needs to have a goal outside of social media
  • instead of return on interest, it becomes return on ego
  • how do you get loyalty out of media?
  • it's easy to reach people, but hard to engage them
  • customers advertise
  • volunteers, free advertising 
  • two types of customers
    • spenders and senders
  • you want to hit both types
  • customer loyalty is built on relationships
  • bridges > connections > relationships
  • every customer has a different agenda
5 pillars
  1. product/service
  2. customer service
  3. community and affinity groups
  4. experiences
  5. bridges