Thursday, December 26, 2013

A festive purchase from Taste Food and Wine

Taste Food & Wine
1506 W. Jarvis Avenue
Chicago, IL. 60626

"I purchased this Crop Organic Spiced Pumpkin vodka for a special occasion. The timing was not right in October for Halloween, or even November for Thanksgiving, so I shared it with a friend on Christmas Eve.

Taste Food and Wine has some of the finest wines, beer, cheese and chocolates for that perfect time to celebrate our friendships, a holiday or an accomplishment"

- Bill Morton

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Chamber to attend Rogers Park Food Co-op meeting

Tremendous surge in Co-op Grocery Stores nationally is also happening right here in Rogers Park.
Chicago, IL –Rogers Park Food Co-op will host a meeting December 4th to update the community
on the progress of the co-op launch and grow support.

Sharon Hoyer, General Manager of the Dill Pickle Co-op in Logan Square and Tom Rosenfeld,
owner of Earth First Farms and Heartland Café in Rogers Park will share their experience and
insights about the benefits of a community-owned grocery store.

Rogers Park Food Co-op community meeting:

Date: Wednesday, December 4th
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Place: United Church of Rogers Park
1545 W. Morse Ave., 3rd Floor (Morse at Ashland)
 Chicago, IL 60626

The Rogers Park Food Co-op initially grew out of kitchen table conversations between a mother
and daughter, Mary Meyer and Jocelyn Gerard, longtime Rogers Park residents and community
organizers. “I am excited about creating a neighborhood food store serving and engaging the
community in a beautiful welcoming space,” says Mary Meyer.

In December 2012, initial meetings were held bringing together a group that evolved into a
Founders Group. In February 2013, four members of the Founders Group attended the Food
Co-op Initiative Start-Up Conference in Bloomington, IN (
The conference provided information on how to build a co-op. It turns out there is an established
model to follow and a wealth of resources available from other established and start-up co-ops
across the country.

With the growing demand for more local produce and expansion of farmers markets across the city,
it seems obvious that Chicago is hungry for healthy food choices. A co-op is the perfect choice for
Rogers Park with its activist roots and diversity. These qualities make for a strong community, which
is critical in creating a co-op. The co-op would provide access to trusted sources for healthy food,
local and organic produce, and artisanal foods seven days a week and all year long and be a
neighborhood gathering place. Sandi Price of Rogers Park Business Alliance says that RPBA
“supports the establishment of a Food Co-op in Rogers Park. It’s a great way of keeping Rogers
Park dollars in the community while promoting fresh, local, sustainable and healthy food.”Fun Facts…
Co-op businesses succeed at a greater rate than traditional business models. According to Stuart
Reid, executive director of the Minnesota-based Food Co-op Initiative, “the success rate of startup
co-ops” compared to typical new small businesses, “is very high.” There are 5 active start-up groups
in the area. According to Reid, “Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States with the
fewest open co-ops. There are other mid to large cities with clusters of co-ops in development,
however Chicago has the one of the strongest market areas for co-ops to impact their communities
and the local economy.”

We are part of a national trend. According to Reid, there has been “tremendous” growth in the U.S.
in existing co-ops as well as the emergence of new ones in recent years…based on information he
has been able to collect, there are about 330 fully functioning food co-ops in the country, including
68 that started up in the last eight years. The Food Co-op Initiative also is working with 130 groups
starting up new food co-ops, including about 10 in Illinois. (Chicago Tribune, September 18, 2013,
Food Co-ops Growing Around the Country)

The benefits of a food co-op are many and include keeping money in the community, creating local
jobs that pay a living wage, and having a trusted source for fresh, local, sustainable, and healthy food
year round.

The Rogers Park Food Co-op will help grow the local economy and support local sustainable farmers
and food artisans. It will serve as a gathering place for the neighborhood of Rogers Park, embracing
the diversity of the neighborhood and fostering stronger ties among the different social and ethnic
groups, a key value of Rogers Park residents.

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