Thursday, June 28, 2012

First Annual Silent Auction a Huge Success!!

On June 22nd from 6-8pm, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce held their first annual Silent Auction at Alden Village North.

Alden Village North had a lovely, and delicious, display of food for those in attendance. There was fruit (the secretary's favorite of watermelon and cantaloupe), chicken caesar salad wraps, and many beverages. We received donations of food from Chipotle and and Morse Gyros making the event a great success!

Most of our items were auctioned or raffled off after our speakers, Nehaz from Earth Center, and David Torrey, former Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society President, spoke in front of our crowd.

A huge thanks to MaryEllen, Christie, and Chris for making this event a great success and being so amazing in the set-up and take-down process.

A big thank you to David and Nehaz for speaking at our event.

Here our some of the photographs from Bill's Digital Photos!