Friday, June 1, 2012

We Want You for Fresh Start Monday's!

Fresh Start Monday's have been occurring the first and third Monday's since this April. The event has been a success, having a variety of people attend and even more express interest. 

So far, we've covered 7315 N. Sheridan Road, following that, we worked on Jarvis Plaza, then we worked on Ravenswood Center and this past Monday we covered Rogers Plaza on Morse Avenue. Our next event will be Jun3 4th at our standard 6pm. We will be working on the corner of Estes Avenue and Clark Street where the Adelphi Theater was once located.

If you can't make it out to the events for whatever reason, you can still help! We would gladly take donations for the event. Charmers Cafe, for example, gave us some trash bags to assist us in our endeavor and Quest allows us use of their recycle bin, broom, and dust pan. 

Some of the items we need are:

Dust Pan
Trash Bags
Face Masks
Trash Can
Recycle Can

If you'd like to donate any of these items, please, contact us via e-mail at or call us at 773 998 2014

By: Autumn Davids