Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Relay for Life

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is looking forward to attending the upcoming Relay for Life event hosted at Loyola University and created by the American Cancer Society. 

Ryann Kehoe sent us a message on facebook saying:

"I work at the American Cancer Society and each year I partner with the student body at Loyola University to put together a large, 12-hour fundraiser called Relay For Life. The event is student run, but is not exclusive to just Loyola students. Relay For Life provides the Rogers Park community the opportunity to honor cancer survivors and their caregivers, while raising funds to support the American Cancer Society's mission. 

I was wondering if it were possible to meet with someone at your chamber to discuss the event and to see if we could potentially advertise it to the community through your services. Below is the link the the event's website. "

Cancer is a disease that affects many, and since organizations like Here Comes the Sun are in town, we whole-heartedly recommend attending this event that runs from 6pm-6am on April 12th through to April 13th. 

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Loyola University East Quad

We suggest businesses donate, families attend, and everyone enjoy themselves while participating in such a great cause.