Saturday, April 27, 2013

Energy Impact Illinois

Energy Impact Illinois

Energy Impact Illinois is a program that helps homeowners take action to lower the cost of their energy bills and create a more comfortable, valuable, energy-efficient home. Here are a few bullet points about Energy Impact Illinois:
  • Energy Impact Illinois is providing rebates to help lower energy bills and make homes more comfortable and valuable. The program is run by the Center for Neighborhood Technology and the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. We are funded by the Department of Energy through a stimulus grant called the Better Buildings project which aims at reducing energy usage in buildings across the country.
  • The goal of the program is to help homeowners see what is going on in their home in terms of energy efficiency, and to provide them with means to make improvements. These upgrades make  homes more comfortable, more energy efficient, and save the homeowner money (on average $500 a year).
  • For a limited time, homeowners can save 70% or up to $1,750 off of air sealing and insulating projects for their homes. Air sealing and Insulation work is the cheapest, easiest, most bang for your buck way to reduce your energy usage.
  • Those owning a 2-4 unit building or single family home are eligible.
  • Air Sealing and Insulation work can be done in 99.9% of homes in our area, and this is the first program of its kind that does not have an income requirement.
  • Home energy efficiency assessments usually cost $400-800 but are available for $99 through this program. The assessment is FREE for those who wish to host an Energy Assessment Demonstration (I can further explain this if you're interested).
  • A BPI certified contractor will inspect your home and provide an estimate for air sealing and insulation -- in addition to a laundry list of other things the homeowner can do to make their home more energy efficient.
  • We handle all of the paperwork and ensure the energy efficiency work on your home is completed correctly and safely. All contractors are BPI certified (Building Performance Institute). You'll see savings on your energy bills and feel the improved comfort of your home
  • Please check out our website for a more comprehensive description
Energy Impact Illinois is currently offering:

Limited-Time Offer: Get $1750 in rebates for energy efficiency improvements to lower your bills and make your home more comfortable.

If you want to lower your utility bills and have a more comfortable home, but can't afford the upfront cost, Energy Impact Illinois can help. For a limited time, homeowners can receive 70% off energy efficiency improvements, with up to $1750 in total rebates on select energy improvements to your home. Your home will stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and you'll reduce your energy use significantly. There are no income restrictions for the program and all single-family homes, 2-4 unit buildings, and most townhomes are eligible.

Energy Impact Illinois is an alliance of local government, non-profit organizations, and local utilities including Nicor Gas, Commonwealth Edison focused on helping homeowners in the Chicago Metro Area and Rockford make the lowest cost, most effective home energy efficiency upgrades. Air sealing and insulating are two of the most cost-effective and permanent improvements that homeowners can make. More than half of total energy costs come from heating and cooling a home and almost all homes let too much air escape or penetrate. Most homes (even newer ones) also have incorrectly installed or insufficient amounts of attic insulation.

To learn more about the program or schedule a reduced cost energy assessment, contact your local organizer Zoe Bottger at (312) 404-2945 or