Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Importance of Social Media

Every day businesses and individuals promote themselves on social media sites, varying from Facebook to Twitter, Blogger, MySpace, Pinterest, LinkedIn, websites, etc.

Social Media can be a double-edged sword, doing both harm and good at the same time. When we make minor errors, like spelling a word incorrectly, it can change someone's view about us or our business very quickly.

Other issues frequently come to the surface. Having too many e-mails, for example, can make it difficult for someone to reach us.

Social Media should be fairly simple. It's not too complicated to connect the varying sites so that they post to one another. Just go to Google Search and many different ways to connect are open to you.

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has the following Social Media sites:







Official Website




Social Media is not the full extent that needs to be considered. Communication is key to any successful endeavor.

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has a very quick response time. It takes us 24-48 hours to respond to all calls and e-mails.

We also send out our newsletters, filled with information, once to twice a month depending on how  many events we attend in a given month.

Lastly, we are out in the community, talking to residents and business owners frequently so that we have a keen insight to the ongoing activities of the community at large.

It takes a lot to successfully speak to another person. One has to think carefully to not insult them by using body language that is inappropriate. Poor wording choices can also harm a conversation.

I find it best to study someone you are about to approach and begin with mundane topics. If someone is staring at a balloon, ask them about the balloon. Conversations can build quickly and become fun and witty exchanges if the approach is right.

Without Social Media and Communication skills, it's difficult to approach people, and to approach them in ways that will be well-received. Pay attention to the actions you exhibit and focus on topics that keep the listener enthralled.

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