Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coyne Fitness

Q. What was the reason/inspiration for starting Coyne Fitness?

A. I've had a life-long passion for fitness.  I was a multi-sport athlete as a child, and excelled at football and powerlifting during high school.  I trained under world-renowned coaches during high school and learned a lot about how to develop the body.  When I moved to New Mexico for college, I was left to train myself.  My career as a trainer started with just giving advice to other students (even faculty members).  It wasn't long before I was coaching a handful of students to get stronger, lose weight, and simply feel better.  My clients got great results and after college I wanted to further develop myself as a trainer.

I worked at a large chain gym and wasn't too fond of it from the beginning.  The chain gyms are all about quantity over quality.  I was more of a salesman than a trainer.  I didn't like pushing a lot of unnecessary products and huge training packages on my clients.  I want to train my clients in an environment where their results are #1 and not worry about making sales goals.  I want to give my clients the best experience possible and get them to their goals.

Q. What is the typical process a client goes through for evaluation and then training?

A. The first meeting with a client is always a comprehensive assessment (which is always free).  I'll start by asking some questions regarding their medical history, their diet, the activities they've done in the past, and their goals.  I'll then put the client through the Functional Movement Screen.  This is a tool used to check mobility and stability through fundamental movement patterns.  It gives me objective feedback about the client's ability to move without any resistance.  Next, I'll assess their basic strength and conditioning levels.  All of this will give me the information I need to develop a comprehensive program to safely and effectively get the client to their goals.

Every program consists of some mobility, strength, and cardio conditioning work.  On top of this is nutrition consulting -- I have my clients keep a food log so we can track their diet and make any necessary adjustments.  This all tailored to the client's goals -- no two programs are exactly the same.  Everyone responds differently to different kinds of training so I individualized the programs in order to attain optimal results.

Q. What influenced you to move your company to Rogers Park?

A. I've lived in Rogers Park for over a year but have been doing business in Lakeview and the Loop.  I've spent a lot of time in other neighborhoods in the city and I can tell that Rogers Park is unique.  There is a real sense of community that sets it apart from other neighborhoods.  The residents support local businesses and genuinely care for the well-being of the neighborhood.  I love being part of such a community and hope I can provide a high-quality service to the people of my neighborhood.

Q. Why did you decide to work with V-tone Fitness?

A. The Barbanente's know the industry and how to run a great local gym.  I was immediately impressed by the facility when I first saw it.  The equipment is top-notch and it rarely gets congested (unlike the larger chain gyms).  They provide a great atmosphere for any trainee, whether you're a beginner or advanced athlete.  Their rates are very reasonable.  It's a fantastic place to train and I believe my clients will have a great experience at this gym.