Friday, August 9, 2013

Shanna Gordon Designs

Shanna Gordon Designs is a unique and innovative home-based business that caters to Rogers Park. Shanna Gordon, owner and CEO, has lived in Rogers Park for most of her life. Most people look for happiness in their job, and Shanna has always loved art. However, art doesn't always allow for the monetary benefit people look for to pay their bills. As a result, she looked into fields that allow for art and creativity and came across graphic design. Once found, it was an interest that was pursued at DePaul University where she then received her Bachelor's in Arts.

The biggest lesson that Shanna discovered led her to the knowledge that there has to be a level of trust between herself and her client. The work she does as a graphic artist/designer allows her to make the designs she provides an extension of her client instead of just another job. In order for that to be accomplished, a level of familiarity is paramount.

The goals Shanna has for her home-based business are both typical and a-typical. As any owner, she is looking forward to expansion and the continuation of her business. Unlike many, she wants to continually take on new clients that don't necessarily fall into categories she has worked with in the past. The result for Shanna Gordon Designs would be to continue to expand her knowledge base on various subjects; different types of clientele as well as different forms of graphic design.

Shanna Gordon chose to stay in Rogers Park because she loves the cultural diversity. The many people in varying walks of life are both interesting and inspiring. She finds artistic inspiration being so close to Lake Michigan. The abundant natural settings and it's beauty are cause for innovation. 

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