Thursday, August 29, 2013

Papa John's

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has a gem in it's member, Papa John's. 

Papa John's became a fixture in our neighborhood in March of 2013.

In order to make Loyola, a very close neighbor, aware that they were in the community, they handed out pizza cards. Everyone who had a a card walked away with a free pizza from Papa John's.

Papa John's didn't stop there. Papa John's wanted to ensure that every child in the area received a free small pizza.  Coupons were distributed to participating surrounding schools for distribution to all students. Along with special discounts provided to area schools, they can also contact the store to schedule a class field trip.

Sharon Wyatt, the Chamber's contact at Papa John's, told us:

" Papa John's goal is to provide better service and pizza to the community and to be an asset and fixture." 

For long time Rogers Parkers, many are aware that fixtures are hard to come by. 

Some of the goals of Papa John's are to put a loading zone in front of the store for the safety of their drivers and to spread awareness of their new location.

Papa John's delivers all the way from their location to Howard Street, McCormick venue, and the lake.