Monday, July 22, 2013


Great ideas lead to great things. And so it was with Ecodwell—what began as a product, providing affordable, energy-efficient homes to the general population, has expanded to become a mindful business offering design, construction, remodel and interior design services.

At Ecodwell, the primary mission is to keep projects as green as possible while being mindful of every client’s budget and financial obligations.

Avi Ron and Petros Kyvelos are the driving force behind Ecodwell and its approach. Coming from small countries—Avi is from Israel, Petros from Holland—where people provide largely for themselves and produce very little waste, both men were astonished by the wasteful habits of American society. That’s why, with Ecodwell, they focus on minimizing waste during construction while maximizing every home’s energy efficiency.

Asked about their approach to building new homes, the men explain that the process is different every time, depending on budget, property type and desired features. But with years of experience and hundreds of projects under their belts, it’s clear they’re doing something right.

When building new homes, Ecodwell is known to create vertical spaces with a smaller base footprint; this factors into the home’s overall efficiency. Avi and Petros are highly mindful of what details can affect a structure’s use of energy and include simple-yet-effective features that maximize day-to-day sustainability.

Though the desire for green homes and sustainable construction exists, it’s not yet cost-effective for most people to invest in structures that are 100% green. Still, Ecodwell continues to fill a unique need in Chicago real estate and will be leading the way as energy efficient construction continues to gain in popularity.