Saturday, August 11, 2012

7070-78 Clark Street Auction

On Thursday, August 9th, at 7:30pm, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce President, Bill Morton, and Secretary, Autumn Davids, were sitting and patiently awaiting the auction to start for the lot that once held the historic Adelphi Theater. The auction room had seats for up to fifty people. There were twenty-six people in total there for the auction, including them. 

As the first property went for it's asking price, they waited. The second property went for it's asking price as well. The third property had a lively bidding competition for the property, and with it's sale, everyone, with the exception of the Chamber members present and three others, left the room. 

Someone of the three whispered "What about the Clark Street lot?" and the question was answered with "We've taken it off the auction table." 

Autumn Davids asked Kelly, the gentleman who gave her a quick summary of  their organization earlier, why the Clark Street lot was not being bid on. He explained to her that the sellers had removed it from their list.

Kelly had explained to her earlier about Auction Services Group, telling her they sold commercial, residential, and other forms of property for other organizations and that they have been in businesses since 1994, which is very normal for auction companies.

The Chamber is saddened to see the lot not be bought and turned into another great theater. The Chamber has high hopes that one day the space will hold a lively business that brings Clark Street to life. 

Below is the form that had to be filled out to gain entry into the auction room and photos from the event.