Monday, May 7, 2012

Third Fresh Start Monday Another Success!

Fresh Start Monday was another great success this Monday, May 7th. With several people in attendance, including two adorable young boys, it made for quite an event.

 This was our third event, located at Ravenswood Plaza on the corner of Ravenswood and Devon. We had received the recommendation to work on some store fronts on Devon, and so we did, cleaning up in front of the Dentist, Chicago Discount Cleaners and Laundry, Cherubim and Seraphim Church, Rogers Park Children's Center, Prairie Tabernacle Church, Kanji Insurance, Devon Auto Body and Repair Shop, and a storefront for Herbalife.

Hugh from Herbalife came out to greet us and invited us into his shop, telling us a bit about himself and his business, making those there feel very good about what they were doing.

 Our next Fresh Start Monday will be May 21st at our standard 6pm located at Morse Plaza. Join us in helping make our local businesses a fresher, cleaner, place. This week we picked up a rusted razor blade, several soda cans, tissues, q-tips, and plastic packaging.