Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Squiggly's Yarn Shop

Every one has a dream that stays alive in their head. For some, it's a visit to a foreign country, to others, it's wanting the perfect family, and for people like Rico Blanco, it was to open up his very own yarn shop.

Rico has been stitching and making beautiful crafts out of yarn for thirty-five years. He told us that everything he has done up to this point has put him in a position to open Squiggly's Yarn Shop. 

Rico goes on to tell us that owning and operating Squiggly's is in his blood. Since both his father and grandfather entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurial spirit lives on in Rico and he is having great successes, even being open for so short a time. 

Squiggly's is now the home of the Stitching Squirrels, a group that started in Evil Squirrels comics, and when Evil Squirrel's closed, moved to Gallery B1e. When Rico, a long-standing part of the group was able to open  Squiggly's doors, it's no surprise that it "seemed natural" for the Stitching Squirrels to make Squiggly's its home Thursday nights at 8pm.

As if opening up a business isn't enough, Rico created an event called Knit and Be Fit. Every Sunday at 10am and 2pm those who attend go on a thirty minute walk through town to promote being fit. 

It has to be said that Rico's dream came true and it'll be a great influence to the neighborhood. All we can say is keep up the great work!