Monday, September 17, 2012

Fresh Start Monday - Howard Hoyne Plaza

Unfortunately today's Fresh Start Monday Program located at the Howard Hoyne Plaza (7588 North Hoyne Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60202) was rained out! Please look for our future events as we would be glad to have you there with us.

Below is some more information about the program and dates.

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has benefited the community's businesses through our Fresh Start Monday Program that physically cleaned the exterior of multiple places. 7315-17 N. Sheridan Road, Jarvis Plaza, Ravenswood Plaza, Rogers Plaza, the corner of Clark Street and Estes Avenue, the corner of Howard Street and Bosworth Avenue, and Tweedle Press (that location also benefited the Common Cup). Our upcoming locations are Clark and Devon Hardware on October 1st, and then Loyola Beach's Stand in the Sand on October 15th. November locations pending weather.

Howard-Hoyne Plaza

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, Secretary, Autumn Davids

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, President, Bill Morton

Thank you,

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce