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Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce July Newsletter

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce has instituted several changes to it's newsletter. The newsletter now contains 7 sections. The reason for the changes is to make it easier to understand and to tell you what is going on during the upcoming month.

  1. Upcoming Events
  2. Recent Events
  3. Business of the Month
  4. Letter from the President
  5. Letter from the Secretary
  6. New(est) Business
  7. Current Chamber Members
Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Newsletter
July 2012Issue No. 7 
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Dear Bill,

July has sprung upon us! What a great time of year! Summer fun, children out of school... And that means a busier season for us all.

Upcoming Events

On July 12th, we're having our rescheduled summer walkathon! Occurring every second Thursday all summer long, we'll be taking strolls throughout the neighborhood and creating some tourism, stopping into local stores to say hello and introduce them to our residents.

Fresh Start Monday

Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony

Our Fresh Start Monday program is one of our most successful events so far. Our next event is Monday July 16th at 6pm at 6928 N. Greenview, one of our Chamber members, Tweedle Press.

For more information on Fresh Start Mondays, visit the links below:

7315 N. Sheridan Road

Ravenswood Plaza (Devon and Ravenswood)

 Rogers Plaza (Morse Avenue and Wayne)

Clark and Estes, Howard and Bosworth 

We Want you for Fresh Start Monday!

Other Upcoming Events:

July 4th                                          Federal/State Holiday

July 11th         4-6pm                      Correspondence Wednesday

July 12th         6-7pm                      Monthly Walkathon

July 14th         5-6:30pm                 Taste of Rogers Park Meeting

July 16th         6-7pm                      Fresh Start Monday

July 18th         4-6pm                     Correspondence Wednesday

July 25th         4-6pm                     Correspondence Wednesday

July 28th         5-6:30pm                 Taste of Rogers Park Meeting


Recent Events 
ASI Conference 

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce attended the ASI Conference with Quest Network Services on Thursday June 21st. The event went from 9am to 9pm and had a plethora of companies speaking about their products. For more information, visit the links below.
Initial Post:

EnGenius Post:

Further Posts (upcoming):

First Annual Silent Auction- A Success

 Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony

On June 22nd from 6-8pm, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce held their first annual Silent Auction at Alden Village North.

Alden Village North had a lovely, and delicious, display of food for those in attendance. There was fruit (the secretary's favorite of watermelon and cantaloupe), chicken caesar salad wraps, and many beverages. We received donations of food from Chipotle and Morse Gyros making the event a great success!

Most of our items were auctioned or raffled off after our speakers, Nehaz from Earth Center, and David Torrey, former Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society President, spoke in front of our crowd.

A huge thanks to MaryEllen, Christie, and Chris for making this event a great success and being so amazing in the set-up and take-down process.

A big thank you to David and Nehaz for speaking at our event.

BillsDigitalPhoto's took some beautiful photos for us!

Bishop's Dinner and Awards Ceremony 

Business of the Month:
Caribbean American Bakery

Caribbean American Bakery has some of the most delicious meat pies the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce President, Bill Morton, and Secretary, Autumn Davids, have ever tasted. See their post on

Chamber Link:

Their official site:
In This Issue
Recent Events
Business of the Month

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A Message from the President:

It has been a busy month for the RPCC. Our First Annual Silent Auction and weekly events were very successful.

We supported Quest Network Services by attending the Annual ASI Technology Conference featuring Microsoft, Intel, and others.

In support of The Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest, we attended the ordination and first Mass of Peter McGechie. 

We also joined Bishop James Alan Wilkowski downtown, as he blessed the animals at the kick-off of the Anti-Cruelty Society's Annual Adoption Drive.

Locally, we volunteered at the Artists of the Wall Festival, and attended the Chicago Chariot Festival of IndiaPride North hosted by The Glenwood and the Gun Turn-in at United Church of Rogers Park. 

We met with the organizers of the Chicago Center for Green Technology 10th Anniversary Celebration and the Greater Chicago Jewish Folk Arts Festival in development of the First Annual Taste of Rogers Park.

Our hard work and dedication to our members and our community is becoming clearer to the businesses, organizations, institutions and residents of Rogers Park. 

Join us in making Rogers Park a better place to live, work and visit.

Bill Morton - President

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce
A Message from the Secretary:

Earlier today, I received a call from Stephen Ianno of the Center for Neighborhood Technology.

He is looking for information about flooding in the area to see if a program of theirs, Property Flooding Alleviation, can be successful to our neighborhood.

As the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, we know many businesses are located at ground level, and for many more, they are below ground.

For those who are interested in participating in this survey, please contact us via e-mail or phone call to have us forward you the information.

If you'd like further information, they attached this link to us.

Autumn Davids- Secretary

Newest Member!

Our newest member,Howard Jewelry and Loan, has some beautiful and unique items. They have gorgeous jewelry, fun technology, and a personal favorite of our Secretary, guitars! 

You can even see them on theChamber website!

Current Members 

A.L. Taylor & Associates, P.C.

Alden Village North

Bill Morton Promotions

Caribbean American Bakery

Charmers Cafe

Dream Town Builders and Remodeling

Evangelical Catholic Diocese of the Northwest

Jay Ahmed at Aflac



Premier Signs & Awnings

Quest Network Services

Sam's Club

Taste Food and Wine

The Fish Keg

Tweedle Press

Ultimate Soccer Chicago

V-Tone Fitness

The members and board of the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce feel strongly about and believe in our organization. We personally walk our neighborhood to visit every business in Rogers Park on a regular basis. If a struggling mom-and-pop shop needs a fundraiser, If a new business needs to be introduced to our community, The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce represents and supports Rogers Park business.

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