Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Chicago: Get ready for 11-digit dialing

Chicago: Get ready for 11-digit dialing

November 4, 2009
SANDRA GUY Staff Reporter
Chicago gets its new area code -- 872 -- on Saturday, and that means you'll have to dial 1 plus the area code to make even a local call in the city.

Eleven-digit dialing will be required for all local calls within the 312, 773 and 872 area codes -- even if you're just calling next door.

That means phones, modems and faxes set to auto-dial will need to be reprogrammed.

Until now, the city has been spared 11-digit dialing for local calls. Chicagoans have been able, for instance, to dial just seven digits to call from one number in 312 to another.

But, even though individual phone numbers remain in 773, we've run out of unassigned prefixes, so the new area code was created.

The new code will be assigned to new service providers and will overlay the 312 and 773 area codes. But because people and businesses give up old numbers all the time, you might still be assigned a 312 or 773 number for a new line for years to come.