Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

The Rogers Park 2nd Annual Cancer Survivors/Awareness Health Fair was held today at the intersection of Jarvis and Greenview Avenues. Here are some pictures of this Beatles-inspired fair.

The poster said, "Dress up hippie style", and Nancy Sell did just that!

Emcee Michael Harrington (fine job, Michael!) and a cancer survivor who spoke of his struggle with the disease.

'The Beatles' Trivial Pursuit was a offered as a raffle prize.

Though he's not really Sir Paul, he was a great look-alike, and roamed the crowd, speaking with everyone. Quite a nice gentleman, originally from Livermoor--Colorado!

Classical sitar music was featured, performed by the group 'Sandalwood'. Very soothing and inspiring.

Another cancer survivor, who delivered her poignant story. Sometimes health improves with a better attitude, and hers was great!

Awareness of cancer and its cause is so necessary. This group, led by Nancy Sell, Michael Harrington, and many volunteers, performed an outstanding service to our neighborhood today, AND provided entertainment, too.