Monday, July 13, 2009

Drums Beat on Jarvis for Bastille Day

We were walking down Sherwin Avenue yesterday, after watching some "Shakespeare in the Park" at Touhy Park, when, as we approached the El tracks, we kept hearing drums. We followed the sound to Taste Food and Wine, at Jarvis and Greenview Avenues.

They were celebrating Bastille Day with live music--and what music it was! Take a look:

The drummer in the foreground is Daniel McNeil, the Director of the Young Men's Program at Family Matters here in Chicago. Daniel has been working with these three other drummers long enough to have put together a very eclectic music program.

Thank you to the many owners of Taste Food and Wine, for bringing this fine, entertaining group to their Bastille Day festivities!

This type of gathering truly celebrates unity in our community, one of the many goals of your new Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce.