Green Campaign

To Local Businesses and Residents:

Those of us here at the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce are really intent on informing the community about the green options here in Rogers Park. Green options, for those who are unaware, are products or services that are readily available that protect or cause little harm to the environment.

We promote green options because they are a safer, healthier way to live for senior citizens, adults, children, and of course the family pets!

Below is a growing list of green options that we have become familiar with during events we attended at places like The Chicago Center for Green Technology and the Accelerate 77 Share Fair. Please enjoy and take advantage of this information and start your own green campaign today!

Cleaning Products:
  • A+ Pest Control
    • Finally there’s an all-natural, green alternative to the dangerous chemicals used by other pest control companies. We’re A-Plus Pest Control, Inc., a full-service, environmentally-safe pest control company, serving Chicagoland since 1979. We have replaced chemicals with cedar oil, Plus Natural Enzymes and other natural products. Our service eliminates both the annoying pests and the worry about using toxic chemicals around your home, apartment building, condo, restaurant (goodbye fruit flies), warehouse or other business. Our products are completely safe to use around all family members, including pets.

Building Options:

  • CNT Energy
    • CNT Energy is a creative think-and-do tank that combines rigorous research with effective solutions. Our organization concentrates on helping consumers and communities obtain the information and services they need to control energy costs and become more energy efficient. We use our cutting edge localized programs and research in the areas of dynamic electricity pricing, building performance, and regional energy planning.
  • Energy Impact Illinois
    • Energy Impact Illinois is an alliance for all of us. You. Me. Your neighbor. Your local business owner. It’s about individual actions that can generate both cost savings and provide big, collective results. That’s our goal. To demonstrate that each of us has the power to reduce our energy consumption to make our homes, neighborhoods, our city and the world a better place—immediately.
  • Viridian 
    • Viridian Energy offers high-quality and affordable renewable energy products that are better for the environment. Many states have already adopted Renewable Portfolio Standards, which require electricity suppliers and utilities to source a minimum amount of their electricity from clean energy sources.
  • LiveRoof
    • Green roofs have been proven to bring about significant energy savings, particularly during the summer cooling season in which single story buildings can experience a reduction of greater than 25% energy use.  Plants transform heat and soil moisture into humidity, to create natural evaporative cooling. Each gallon of water that is transpired by the plants or evaporated from the roof surface liberates 8000 BTU of thermal energy.
  • FirstEnergy Solutions
    • FirstEnergy Solutions Corp. is a leading energy supplier, serving residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the Northeast, Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S. Based in Akron, Ohio, FirstEnergy Solutions is the competitive subsidiary of FirstEnergy Corp., one of the nation's largest investor-owned electric utility, and the unregulated affiliate of Ohio Edison, Toledo Edison, The Illuminating Company, Penelec, Met-Ed, Penn Power, West Penn Power, Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L), Mon Power and Potomac Edison.
  • Wind Free
    • While WINDFREE sells products and services related to sustainable and renewable energies, we strongly believe that we can help build a vocabulary for clients, communities, schools, museums, children, and energy-conscious citizens on the science of wind and solar power. For potential clients, from institutions to private users and from architects to families, we can help assess your energy needs, outline your objectives, determine appropriate energy solutions, implement systems from purchasing to installation and from construction management to permitting, and we can perform ongoing maintenance and future energy planning.
  • Renewable Energy Alternatives
    • Since 2004, the staff at Renewable Energy Alternatives has been helping Illinois harvest the power of the sun and wind. Over 200 installations later, REA continues to earn its place as Illinois' most trusted name in renewable.
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology
    • Since 1978, Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has been a leader in promoting urban sustainability—the more effective use of existing resources and community assets to improve the health of natural systems and the wealth of people, today and in the future.
  • Falcon Group Sustainable Services
    • Falcon Group Sustainable Services is a multi-faceted construction company
      serving Chicago and the North Shore. We offer 25 years of comprehensive interior and exterior remodeling experience, design/build, new construction, engineering and environmental consulting, waterscape design and installation, rain gardens, as well as cutting-edge rainwater harvesting.


  • LakeSide Treasures
    • 1520 West Jarvis Avenue 
  • FLOR
  • Rebuilding Exchange
    • Our mission is to create a market for reclaimed building materials. We do this by diverting materials from landfills and making them accessible for reuse through our retail warehouse, by promoting sustainable deconstruction practices, by providing education and job training programs, and by creating innovative models for sustainable reuse.
  • Lost Eras
  • Armadillo's Pillow
    • The Armadillo's Pillow Bookstore opened its doors in 1994 to serve Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood's used book needs. We're a favorite local haunt as well as a destination for Chicago tourists. We specialize in common, uncommon & hard-to-find used books. In addition to our vast collection of books, we offer ephemera, incense, folk & outsider art, and hand-crafted jewelry by Eliza Jane.
  • Quest Network Services
    • At Quest, we have a variety of services to meet your computer needs. If you are having issues with your computer, bring it in for a FREE diagnostic. We will evaluate what is wrong with the system and give you an estimate on what needs to be done.


  • I-GO Car Sharing
    • I-GO provides the convenience and flexibility of having a car without the hassles of owning one. Members have 24-hour access to a fleet of I-GO cars in reserved parking spaces all over Chicago and in four suburbs. I-GO pays for the gas, premium insurance, maintenance, and 24-hour assistance.
  • Bike a Bee
  • Taste Food & Wine
  • Universal Conservation Partnerships
  • New to You Thrift Shop
    • 1545 W. Morse Avenue
  • Newleaf Natural Grocery
    • Newleaf Natural Grocery is dedicated to providing an affordable way to buy organic produce by offering weekly organic produce boxes at the lowest cost available. At our store you can pay for your produce box by the week,no long term commitments. 
If you are interested in participating in activities that promote green endeavors, please contact the Rogers Park Garden Group for ways to participate. 

-The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Board

(please note that all information about the organizations has been gathered from their website and that the Chamber is not stating any official opinion about these organizations. We are only listing them as available resources)