The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is working in association with Gallery B1e and Mission Arts to create The Rogers Park Art Tour. The Rogers Park Art Tour is an effort made by our three organizations to take the art district in Rogers Park and push it into the spot light, where it very rightfully deserves to be.

The Art Tour is being put together as a map of Rogers Park with two different routes mapped out so that you can walk or bike to the locations where art murals, statues, restaurants and galleries will be ready for display and eager eyes.

At this time Anthony Morton is putting together the cover for our pamphlet that will be available in PDF format online, hopefully by May of 2013.

Gallery B1e (Andrew De La Rosa) is collecting information on the many underpasses, mural sites, and statue sites, while Bill Morton (Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce) and Jessica Correa (Mission Arts) are taking and collecting images of the many sites. Autumn Davids (Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce) and Kristie Keenon (Mission Arts) are looking up information on the artists and their artwork so that details about the beautiful work will be available right on the map.

Want to participate in the set-up of the Rogers Park Art Tour? Contact Autumn Davids at to learn how!