What is the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce?

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization that assists in helping small businesses continue to exist throughout Rogers Park. We attend networking events and take notes at seminars to give us an edge in assisting and meeting different members needs so that they can have information available and use us a resource.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce by attending our meetings and events. There is always something interesting occurring, so just check out our Events on our website: rogerspark.cc

You can also assist the Chamber by volunteering to collect and hand out brochures and other informative information to willing businesses throughout the neighborhood.

What is Fresh Start Monday?

Fresh Start Mondays started in April of 2012. There is one designated location for each event as a response to either a need or request by local businesses. The event occurs every first and third Monday of the month and starts at 6pm and goes until 7pm or until the block or plaza that has been chosen is finished. There is no need to RSVP, just appearing at the designated location is acceptable.

What are the benefits of joining?

    • Online Advertisements and Marketing- The Chamber will promote you online through our monthly newsletter, everyblock.com, facebook.com, rogerspark.cc, rogerspark1000.com, twitter.com, meetup.com, and will offer you an invitation to promote yourself on word49.com
    • Business Well-being Checks- we'll visit your store, answer questions you have or find out the answers for you in a reasonable frame of time. We will talk with you about how your business is doing and assist you in getting any potential needs met.
    • Rogers Park Walkathon- if applicable, you can be added to our walkathon business tourism list, meaning on one or several of our walkathons, we will stop into your business with potential future customers and give you the opportunity to say what you want about what you are doing.
    • Fresh Start Monday Program- if the outside of your business is suffering due to littering, we can, on one of our Fresh Start Mondays, go to your business and clean up the exterior for you. (Applicable for Rogers Park store front businesses)
    • Ad Hand Out- We will distribute brochures and advertising materials through Rogers Park. We will also use scanned copies of the items for our online advertisements and marketing for your business.
    • Business Advocacy- We will inform you of any concerns in regards to your business that we gain knowledge of. We will then do a business well-being check to eliminate the concern or to inform you of a potential complaint and work with you to remove the concern. We will also, having followed this process, speak on your behalf if any legal matter is to be brought up.
    • Shop Local Campaign- We, as the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, will frequent your stores and will recommend you and promote you during networking events we attend to local residents and businesses. 
    • Local Business Directory- On rogerspark.cc, you will be added to our local business directory so that those needing a source for businesses will notice your name and potentially bring you more business.
    • Event Involvement- When the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce hosts an event, you will be invited to introduce and tell us about your business to residents and other business owners in the area. We recommend you speak for approximately five minutes.
    • Snow Shovel Lottery- the name of your business will be put into a hat and a business name will be drawn out for every heavy snow. The name of the business drawn out will then be shoveled and then discarded until all businesses have been done or the snow dissipates.
    • Business to Business Referral- when a business has a specific need that a chamber member can provide, we will refer that member to the business.
    • Interviews and Press Release Mentions- If that Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Board is interviewed in any scenario, they will mention most or all of the Chamber members.
    • Event Hostings- If Applicable, the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce will host events at your business so that residents will have visited your location once and will, potentially, continue to do so.

What are the requirements to join?

  1. Must Participate in Rogers Park business
  2. Must fill out the application form
  3. Must pay the membership fee

What's the Difference between the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and the Rogers Park Business Alliance?

The differences between the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce and the Rogers Park Business Alliance are many. They key difference, however, is seen in our individual vision statements.

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce Vision Statement: To guide businesses, service organizations and individuals to establish new businesses and promote existing businesses within the Rogers Park community. To create and stimulate an orderly economic growth, thereby enriching Rogers Park's diverse population.

Rogers Park Business Alliance Vision Statement: Our vision is to lead the way in showing the City of Chicago and the nation that balanced development is possible. Rogers Park will be the model for an advanced and sophisticated form of community development that values diversity, has defined it, planned for it and achieved development projects that serve all constituencies. Rogers Park will be a destination for people who seek a harmoniously diverse neighborhood, rich in arts and culture, in which to live, work, play and raise a family.

The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce knows that Rogers Park is culturally diverse. All it takes is a walk around the edges of Rogers Park (Howard Street, the Lake, Devon Avenue, and Ridge Avenue) to see just how diverse we are.

We know that Rogers Park is filled with art. We see it every time we go down Morse Ave. and look at the El Station art work. We see the art every time we pass a corner to discover the metal designs, the paintings on the walls. We see it at the Side Project Theater and the Lifeline Theater.

We also know that businesses struggle, no matter what the circumstances are. That's why the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce exists. To help small businesses grow, develop, and get their needs met so that they remain strong, confident, and always have a flow of consistent business.

For more information on either the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce or the Rogers Park Business Alliance, visit their sites or contact the organizations.

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce: www.rogerspark.cc

Rogers Park Business Alliance: http://www.rogers-park.com/

I heard you have a PA system, can I use it?

Anyone can rent the PA system, however, Chamber members get to rent it at $20.00 a night, the hours being from 5pm-noon of the following day. A non-chamber member can rent it, for the same hours, at $100.00 a night.