We will be posting our events here including, but not limited to:

Our Signature Events

The Taste of Rogers Park (1st Annual)

The Taste of Rogers Park is an event where businesses come and advertise themselves, where local restaurants sell their food at booths, where bands play, where families walk around and admire this amazing event that the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, and residents worked hard to put together. Currently, meetings are being held for this event on the second and fourth Saturday of the month to work on the planning and organization of this event. RSVP to the meetings at 773-850-0049 or e-mail us at

Unifying Rogers Park event (4th Annual)

Our annual Unifying Rogers Park event has a great purpose- to unify Rogers Park. The event receives donations from local restaurants to have a small taste of what they have to offer, while bringing in speakers to discuss their businesses, organizations, and institutions. We also bring in speakers who discuss a variety of other topics that are relevant to the residents that are always welcome to our events. This event is our effort to bring all types of businesses and the residents together to support one another and to unify Rogers Park.

Our Annual Events

RPCC Silent Auction (1st Annual)

Our Silent Auction allows us to go to local businesses throughout Rogers Park and talk to them about donating an item so that they can promote their wares to those who purchase their unique offerings. The Silent Auction, like all of our events, has businesses, organizations, institutions, and residents in attendance. And like most of our events, we have businesses who come and introduce themselves and talk about what it is they are doing and how Rogers Park has impacted that.


The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce hosts this event yearly for Halloween, having local businesses participate and bringing in children and their parents to the location. The goal is to assist with bringing in new customers.

RPCC Art Auction (2nd Annual)

The Chamber of Commerce has the art auction as a networking event and to provide residents with an opportunity to participate and purchase items from Visibility Arts. All of the money raised at this event goes back to this organizations. You can check them out on their official website.

RPCC Anniversary Party (4 year)

The Anniversary Party is our celebration of the amount of time the Chamber has been up and running and holding successful events and a time for us to reflect on other improvements that we need to make while businesses, organizations, institutions, and residents all join us for the merriment and talk amongst each other to continue networking.

Moment of Remembrance at Joyce Kilmer Triangle
3pm - 3:30pm

The moment of Remembrance is a very important event to those at the Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce. We choose Joyce Kilmer Triangle as the location due to the lack of attention it has received. The purpose of the Moment of Remembrance is to honor those who died for our rights. Those rights include allowing us to run, own, and operate businesses.

Our monthly events

Fresh Start Mondays
Every First and Third Monday of the month
6pm - 7pm

Fresh Start Mondays started in April of 2012 as the result of a increasing need for neighborhood clean-ups, especially for businesses, occurred. The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce discussed how best to meet the important need of cleaning up the exteriors of local businesses to assist the Shop Local Campaign and continue to assist bringing in new customers to local businesses, organizations, and institutions. The answer was to create our Fresh Start Monday Program and to have residents, Chamber members, and Chamber volunteers come out in a community endeavor to assist these local businesses and to make the neighborhood of Rogers Park a cleaner place.